Surveillance Camera Systems

Box Cameras with Housing

Indoor Box CameraOutdoor Box Camera
Box cameras are available in an indoor and outdoor version. A housing can be installed to protect the camera from vandals and inclement weather. We offer a wide selection of high resolution day/night color cameras with features such as: 1/3" Sony CCD, 540 lines resolution, 0.01 lux.

Dome Cameras

Dome Camera Dome camera have a varifocal lens that allows you to adjust the focal length. They can be installed indoor or outdoor. In buildings where vandalism is a major concern, we offer rugged/vandal-proof dome cameras which can withstand a 10lb sledgehammer. High resolution dome cameras offer amazing picture quality even in low-light conditions.

Elevator Corner Mount Camera

Elevator CameraElevator Camera

Available in silver and brass finishes. The corner mount camera is most widely used for elevator but can be used anywhere one chooses.

IP Cameras

ip Camera

You can use them for internal security, for external security or keeping an eye on employees. For instance - consider being able to turn your house lights on an off at will while on vacation? You can do that with an IP camera. Think about being able, in an instant, to see who just knocked on your front door - from your office PC. You could even let them in if you wanted.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras are used for both indoor or outdoor settings. Features: 360 degrees of endless rotation, 180 degrees auto flip rotation, true day/night and wide dynamic range.